Annual Business Agreement (ABA)

Any business owner will tell you that he or she is most profitable when things are running smoothly, and there’s no denying the monumental role computers play in this.

The time yABAou are able to spend with your core offering or service is often severely limited by attending to issues associated with your computing and networking set up. Dougnet Consulting has a rich history of coming to the aid of those who are overwhelmed by what it takes to keep up with this all important cog in the wheel of success. There is however….a better way. With our Annual Business Agreements, Dougnet can establish a valuable relationship with your company….and perform services such as Remote Server Monitoring giving us the ability to perform OS updates, Check System Up-Date Status, and more!

An ABA also covers Monthly Network Maintenance like System Optimization, OS Patch Check, Network Hardware Monitoring – and carries the benefit of No Emergency Rates, and discounted pricing for Overage Hours.  And while all of our customers are important to us, we insure the fastest response times possible for our ABA partners. Call today to learn more about how Dougnet can help you to focus on what it is you do to be a success!